Based in New York Manhattan Our extensive knowledge and broad list of 3D CAD packages allows us to quickly and precisely create a wide range of virtual models. Every customer has access to expert 3D Design solutions for any project need. CAD as a Service design platform combines machine learning with expert designers to provide the fastest path from idea to 3D printable file. These range from simple geometries and natural organic designs to fully parametric complex models suitable for mass manufacturing on a variety of 3D printers or advanced multi-axis modern CNC machines.

The customer needed a 3D CAD file of an existing jewelry. Our team was able to design a production-ready part by referencing an image of the jewelry alone. The entire process took less than two days to complete.
Creative Design
Upon receiving an old legacy part of a small industrial vent, our 3D Design team was able to create a manufacturable 3D file, which the client used to reproduce 1,000 usable jewelry in a quick, cost-efficient fashion.
Ready for 3D Print